Who is KPTJ?

kptjbannerWHO IS KPTJ? KPTJ (Kenyans for Peace With Truth and Justice)  is a coalition of over 30 Kenyan and East African legal, human rights, and governance organizations, together with ordinary Kenyans and friends of Kenya, convened in the immediate aftermath of 2007’s presidential election debacle.

KPTJ maintains that there can be no peace without truth and justice – truth and justice for the failed presidential election and the violence that followed. Justice requires that we face the truth of our history, and of the 2007 election, to address the deep chasms and inequities in Kenyan society.

During the post-election crisis, KPTJ generated vital professional analysis, backed by verified data, of the electoral fraud and ensuing country-wide violence. KPTJ’s reasoned position statements were used by the UN, EU, US State Department, Senate, and Congress, and AU, to bring PNU to the negotiating table. KPTJ also mobilised progressives within Kenya, the Kenyan Diaspora, and the Pan-African movement, to actively campaign for a just resolution to the crisis.

KPTJ is currently active in the monitoring, implementation and enforcement of the mediation agreement.


  1. Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG)
  2. Awaaz
  3. Bunge la Mwananchi
  4. Centre for the Development of Marginalised Communities (CEDMAC)
  5. Centre for Law and Research International (CLARION)
  6. Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD)
  7. Centre for Rights, Education and Awareness for Women (CREAW)
  8. Coalition on Violence Against Women(COVAW)
  9. The Cradle-The Children’s Foundation
  10. Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO)
  11. East African Law Society (EALS)
  12. Fahamu
  13. Federation of Women Lawyers(FIDA-Kenya)
  14. Foster National Cohesion (FONACON)
  15. Gay And Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK)
  16. Haki Focus
  17. Hema la Katiba
  18. Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU)
  19. Innovative Lawyering
  20. Institute for Education in Democracy (IED)
  21. International Commission of Jurists (ICJ-Kenya)
  22. International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC)
  23. Kenya Human Rights Commission(KHRC)
  24. Kenya Leadership Institute (KLI)
  25. Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)
  26. Kituo cha Sheria
  27. Katiba Institute
  28. Muslim Human Rights Forum
  29. Mazingira Institute
  30. The National Civil Society Congress
  31. National Convention Executive Council (NCEC)
  33. Release Political Prisoners Trust (RPP)
  34. Sankara Centre
  35. Society for International Development (SID)
  36. The 4 Cs
  37. Urgent Action Fund (UAF)-Africa
  38. Kenyan Asian Forum