The 2013 Kenyan Presidential Election: Lessons Left Unlearned


Two main categories of problems with the Supreme Court’s detailed judgment:

  • The judgment did not substantive address the evidence presented to the Court.
  • The judgment relied on sub-standard jurisprudence and did not meet certain legal standards (Detailed explanation to follow)

Voter Registries In Use During the March 2013 Kenyan General Election

  • Provisional Register: December 18, 2012. It contained 14,337,399 voters.
  • Principle Register: February 18, 2013. It contained 14,352,545 voters.
  • Political Parties’ Register: March 2013. 14,336,842 voters.
  • Results Register: March 9, 2013. 14,352,536 voters.
  • Special Register: 36,236 voters.
  • The Green Book: Allegedly compiled during voter registration. Contains UNKNOWNnumber of voters.
  • Fundamental Question: Why weren’t ALL REGISTERED VOTERS, irrespective of the availability of their biometric details, included in the legally gazettedregister?

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