Statement by the European Union regarding today’s meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

European Union envoys were invited to a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs today.

Envoys rejected any allegation of interfering in the elections process.  They were clear that it is for the Kenyan people to elect their leaders. The European Union does not support any candidate for any office. We trust the Kenyan people to make wise decisions and elect responsible leaders.

Envoys strongly refute making any statements that could incite violence. To the contrary, the European Union has been helping to build a peaceful Kenya, supporting the judicial process of reconciliation following the last elections, as well as the implementation of the Constitution. The EU has supported Kenya’s ability to hold free, fair and transparent elections this time round. At no time has the European Union made any statements regarding the outcome of the elections.

Free and fair elections will create the stable and secure environment necessary to continue to attract foreign investment to fuel Kenya’s growth and to create jobs, especially for the youth. Election-related violence risks harming the economy and people’s livelihoods as investors, businesses and tourists stay away from Kenya.

At the request of the Government of Kenya, the EU and its Member States contribute to financing the election through a United Nations Development Programme fund, and support the IEBC and civil society in voter and civic education and through a long-term electoral mission.

The European Union and other like-minded states have a long-standing policy, not limited to Kenya, to have only essential contact with indicted ICC suspects.

The European Union supports an end to impunity and supports the rule of law in Kenya.  Regardless who is elected President, cooperation with the International Criminal Court is of vital importance to create accountability for political violence and build a stable Kenya. The European Union Member States are state parties to the Rome Statue and bound by its legal obligations, as much as Kenya is.

Signed by European Union Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Chargé d’affaires from:
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.