CIOC Report on nominees to Offices of CJ, Deputy CJ and DDP

Mr. Speaker Sir, The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee is a select committee established under Section 4 of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution with a mandate of overseeing the implementation of the  Constitution and which among other things:- Download Full report Here
(a) Shall receive regular reports from the Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution on the  implementation of this Constitution including reports concerning—

  • the preparation of the legislation required by this Constitution and any challenges in that regard;
  • the process of establishing the new commissions;
  • the process of establishing the infrastructure necessary for the proper operation of each county  including progress on locating offices and assemblies and establishment and transfers of staff;
  • the devolution of powers and functions to the counties under the legislation contemplated in section 15 of this Schedule; and
  • any impediments to the process of implementing this Constitution;

(b)coordinate with the Attorney-General, the Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution and relevant parliamentary committees to ensure the timely introduction and passage of the legislation required by this Constitution; and
(c) take appropriate action on the reports including addressing any problems in the implementation of this  Constitution.


The Committee as constituted by the House on 5th October, 2010 comprise of the
following members:-
1. The Hon. Hussein Mohammed Abdikadir, M.P. Chairperson
2. The Hon. Millie Odhiambo-Mabona, M.P. Vice-Chairperson
3. The Hon. Beth Mugo, EGH, M.P.
4. The Hon. Chirau Ali Mwakwere, EGH, M.P.
5. The Hon. Martha Wangari Karua, EGH, M.P.
6. The Hon. (Prof.) Phillip Kaloki, M.P.
7. The Hon. (Dr.) Kilemi Mwiria, M.P.
8. The Hon. Charles Kilonzo, M.P.
9. The Hon. Ekwee Ethuro, EBS, M.P.
10. The Hon. Cecily Mbarire, M.P.
11. The Hon. (Dr.) Eseli Simiyu, M.P.
12. The Hon. Moriasi Ombui, M.P.
13. The Hon. Amina Abdalla, M.P.
14. The Hon. David M. Ngugi, M.P.
15. The Hon. Ababu Namwamba, M.P.
16. The Hon. Danson Mwazo, M.P.
17. The Hon. Sophia Abdi, M.P.
18. The Hon. (Dr.) Joyce Laboso, M.P.
19. The Hon. Joseph Kasaine Nkaiserry, M.P.
20. The Hon. Charles Onyancha, M.P.
21. The Hon. Alfred Khang’ati, M.P.
22. The Hon. John Mbadi, M.P.
23. The Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro, M.P.
24. The Hon. Rev. Julius Murgor, M.P.
25. The Hon. Lucas K. Chepkitony, M.P.
26. The Hon. Benedict Fondo Gunda, M.P.
27. The Hon. Rachel Shebesh, M.P.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
On the 18th May 2011 you informed the House that H.E the President had after consultation with the Right Hon. Prime Minister nominated for approval by the National Assembly the following persons  pursuant to the provisions of Article 166(1) (a), 262 and 157(2) read together with Section 24(2) of the Six Schedule of the Constitution.:-

  • Dr. Willy Munywoki Mutunga as Chief Justice;
  • Ms. Nancy Makokha Baraza as Deputy Chief Justice; and
  • Mr. Keriako Tobiko as Director of Public Prosecutions.

You then directed that the names and Curriculum Vitae of the nominees be referred to the relevant  Departmental Committee.
In view of the operational challenges facing the Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs on 2nd June, 2011, you directed that the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee (CIOC) take  up the matter for consideration and report to the House. Further, given the provisions of Standing Order  No.180 which allows public access to proceedings of Committees and, in order to comply with the  provisions of Article 73(2)(d) of the Constitution which underscores accountability to the public for  decisions and actions taken, you urged members of the public who wished to submit memoranda to do so to the Committee in respect of the three nominees.

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